Paper Straw Flexo Printing Machine

SW-620Paper Straw Flexo Printing Machine

  • The machine is used for printing straw paper , Kraft paper, sticker , etc.。

1.Adopt the anilox rollers to spread ink.
2. Unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetism power brake, clutch.
3. Printing unit adopt 360º for registration.
4. Each Printing unit has one infrared to dry the device group.
5. The rubber roller can break away from automatically while parking, and running at a low speed, in order to avoid water being dried.
6. The main motor is adopted the step less regulation of frequency conversion.

型号 Model SW-620
印刷速度 Printing speed 60m/min
印刷颜色 Printing color 4colors
最大材料宽度 Max. Web width 650mm
最大印刷宽度 Max. Printing width 620mm
最大放卷直径 Max. Unwinding diameter 800mm
最大收卷直径 Max. Rewinding diameter 800mm
印刷周长 Printing girth 180-720mm
纸张厚度 Thickness of Paper 40-250g
套色精度 Precision of registration ±0.10mm
电源 Power Voltage 380V 3PH 50Hz
主机功率 Main Motor Power 5.5kw
总功率 Total Power 18kw
尺寸 Dimensions 2800*1600*2400mm
机器重量 Machine weight About 2900kg